Bonny Crude Oil

Bonny crude oil is a high grade of Nigerian crude oil that has high API gravity (low specific gravity). It is produced in the Niger Delta basin and named after the abundant region around the city of Bonny. Bonny Light Crude Oil (BLCO) is exported overseas to our refineries and chemical plants, process crude oil and other oil-based feedstock to produce/supply motor & jet fuels, lubricants and chemical products. This Nigerian product is considered superior and environmentally friendly over the tested foreign crude. Light Crude Oil contains a low density and can flow freely at room temperature. Because of the presence of high percentage of fractions of light hydrocarbons, it has a low specific gravity, high API gravity and low viscosity. BLCO is composed of a high number of paraffin’s, which are branched and straight chain hydrocarbons that have high hydrogen to carbon ratio. It contains two hydrogen atoms each for a single carbon atom. The best Light Crude Oil contains approximately 60% of paraffin.

Our crude trading company has been in the business since 2004 and has long-standing relationships with producers and refiners across the globe. Our mission is to provide crude oil products and petroleum essential to the public and buyers whom we help to effectively market and distribute their daily production, and secure a reliable and consistent supply of the right quality crude at the right time

Currently, we are transacting many different grades of crude oil in locations around the globe. We have branches in all major centers where crude is produced, refined and traded. This enables our customers to benefit from critical intelligence and access to the most appropriate market. We can also deliver crude to wherever it is required by our customers.